For Rent / For Sale~

What you will find here is a list of landlords who may have apartments available for rent and, when possible, will include information regarding the house or apartment.

The apartment listing is maintained as a convenience to you, the prospective renter, but serves only as a means to make contact and see what may be available. It in no way implies availability or warranty of any kind and assumes no liability.

In the event a property becomes available for SALE on "The Hill", we will list it as a courtesy to the seller, but with the same disclaimers.

Rentals: Houses ~

Hendricks Rentals - 510 S. 9th

Rentals: Apartments ~

Embry Rentals - 106/108 S. 9th

Mills Rentals (web site) -
605 S. 9th
; 202 S. 9th

Nargi Rentals (website) - 904 State;
453 S. 9th; 122 S. 9th

Payne Apartment - 203 S. 9th

PBP Rentals - 116 S. 9th

Scott Mills Rentals - 602 S. 9th

Wing Rentals - 213 S. 9th

Xioufarides Rentals - 519 S. 9th

Titan Management Group - 301 S. 9th





To add your Ninth Street property or to update it, take a look at the posted listings and email your information to us.